About US

             ComRec-Solutions, an electronic modern hospital management system connected to a backbone database, aggregating comprehensive device connection to that central hub. ComRec is developing solutions for the Medical field. We provide a wide range of solutions to fit large scale multi-site hospitals and ranging to small-scale clinics. ComRec is providing EMR with Full integration with a wide range of medical equipment for automating retrieval of information from these devices Phoropters, Autorefs, Automatic Lensmeters, OCT, FA, Filed, IOLMaster, ERG, ... and much more allowing acquisition of digital data, imaging and reports.

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            ​ComRec also provides support for patient financial transactions, doctors financials, invoices, accounting journals, payments, insurance, Inventory and consumables. ComRec also have HR and payroll applications. Operations flow is also supported including preoperative prerequisites and postoperative detailed reporting. ComRec is also having a strong Flow Control monitor allowing monitoring and traceability for the flow of patients across the whole organisation. ComRec is allowing doctors to access and integrate patient medical information from / to their private clinics also.

Our Vision

Out Vision - ComRec Solutions

          ComRec-Solutions is a full paperless hospital management system, composed of a complete tabular Electronic Medical Records (aka EMR) and financial / HR system all in one coherent database.​ ​ComRec-Solutions is aiming to offer value to health sector by tabularising all relevant digital and financial information and standardizing its interface to leverage value from gathered data in clinical ressearch and Business Intelligence.​ ComRec-Solutions is aiming to become the De-facto industry standard in Egypt and middle east during the next 2 years.